Hurlimann XT-908 With Sigma 4 Titanum Loader


YEAR/REG: 2002 (52 Plate)                   REAR TYRE SIZE: 420/85R34

HOURS: 5,400                                          TREAD REMAINING: 99%

HP: 90                                                         FRONT TYRE SIZE: 380/85R24

ROAD SPEED: 40K                                  TREAD REMAINING: 95%

GEARBOX TYPE: Manual                        CONDITION: Very Nice

SPEC./ACCESSORIES: Manual Shuttle, 3 DA Spools, Manual Hydraulics

Air Seat, Pass. Seat, Dromone PUH, Sunroof, Rear Wiper

Trailer Brake Valve Etc.

LOADER - Softdrive, Joystick Control, Drive In With Stands 

Euro Quick Release Head, Electric 3rd Service, Drive In Etc.